Vegan review: Taste Tibet

I was so excited to see Taste Tibet launch their online shop, delivering to homes around Oxford on Thursday-Sunday evenings. They will be a familiar face to anyone who’s visited Gloucester Green market, and they’re also a staple on the festival circuit around Oxfordshire and beyond.

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Vegan review: Dosa Park

This week, we placed an order from Dosa Park. I’ve eaten there before as their establishment is right opposite my office (in normal times), and I loved the food, so was really happy to see they delivered as far out in East Oxford as we live.

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Vegan review: Beefeater

You probably wouldn’t expect to see a review of a restaurant like Beefeater on a vegan blog, and I know that a lot of readers might avoid a place like this at all costs. However, as my aim is to make veganism as easy and accessible as possible, I thought it was worth including.

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Vegan Eats… Prague

With a little planning before our trip (which I always do anyway because food is one of my favourite parts about travel) we were so impressed with the availability and ease of eating vegan in Prague.

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Review: Delhish Vegan Kitchen

I feel sad about posting this review. As it’s only the second vegan restaurant to open in Oxford, I was really excited to visit Delhish Vegan Kitchen and to give my support to a new independent vegan business. Unfortunately, based on our experience when we visited for Valentine’s Day, I don’t feel able to recommend it.

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Vegan Eats… Amsterdam

A recent trip to Amsterdam had me overwhelmed with just how many vegan restaurants there are, and how easy it is to find plant-based options at other places too! I spent three excellent days of eating (consuming some culture along the way) with my friend Becky, and here are some of the highlights.

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