Review: Vegan Daisy Bakes

Cake has been a necessity during this period of staying home, and while the local delivery choices have been slightly limited by our location on the very edge of Oxford, I’ve been enjoying the delights of nationwide delivery from vegan bakers far and wide.

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Vegan review: Taste Tibet

I was so excited to see Taste Tibet launch their online shop, delivering to homes around Oxford on Thursday-Sunday evenings. They will be a familiar face to anyone who’s visited Gloucester Green market, and they’re also a staple on the festival circuit around Oxfordshire and beyond.

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Vegan review: Dosa Park

This week, we placed an order from Dosa Park. I’ve eaten there before as their establishment is right opposite my office (in normal times), and I loved the food, so was really happy to see they delivered as far out in East Oxford as we live.

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Vegan Review: ExtraVeganza Bakery

I was excited to see a new vegan home ‘bakery’ opening up just in time for quarantine, offering free delivery delivery with their stunning bakes around Oxford. ExtraVeganza Bakery have launched during a tricky time, but perhaps also a great time because while we’re all staying home what better to treat ourselves with than a batch of cupcakes or a comforting loaf cake?

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Vegan review: Beefeater

You probably wouldn’t expect to see a review of a restaurant like Beefeater on a vegan blog, and I know that a lot of readers might avoid a place like this at all costs. However, as my aim is to make veganism as easy and accessible as possible, I thought it was worth including.

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Vegan Eats… Prague

With a little planning before our trip (which I always do anyway because food is one of my favourite parts about travel) we were so impressed with the availability and ease of eating vegan in Prague.

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