Vegan review: V Stack

V Stack has been the number one takeaway option in our house for a while – if we ever fancy treating ourselves to a takeaway, 9 times out of 10 you can bet that’s what we’ll be ordering. Their loaded burgers and levelled up sides are staples on my Instagram feed, causing food envy for the unfortunate people who live outside of Oxford and are unable to enjoy the deliciousness that is V Stack. With home delivery every Saturday, we treated ourselves to an early Valentine’s Day meal and went all out. I realised I’ve reviewed V Stack previously for this blog, but never their home delivery service, so I wanted to share an update with you all!

Burger cut in half to show thick cut cauliflower steak in breadcrunbs, with thick layer of melted cheese on top, lettuce beneath, sandwiched in a brioche bun.

Our go-to burger is the Jammer Stack, which consists of the signature V Stack deep fried cauliflower burger topped with onion rings, vegan cheese, sriracha mayo and sweet chilli jam. My brother asked me recently ‘if you’re treating yourself to a burger, why would you choose a cauliflower burger of all things?’. If you haven’t experienced V Stack yet yourself, you might find yourself thinking the same thing, but I urge you, just try it. I promise your junk food cravings will be met, and then some. A crisp outer coating envelopes a perfectly cooked cauliflower steak, with a slightly bitter flavour that pairs so well with the sweetness from the chilli jam in this burger. The layers of texture in the burger with the different sauces, crunchy onion rings, and melty cheese make for such a satisfying eating experience, and be warned, this is definitely fully loaded, and there have been times where I’ve been defeated by the decadence and have to come back to my plate later to finish it off.

That’s probably because I never hold back when it comes to the side dishes either (which you’ll know if you’ve seen pictures of my usually overflowing plate, which by the way, I add more food to after I’ve taken the photo). Their buffalo ‘wings’ are a great option as a main meal with fries, though we love to share them as a side dish. More soft cauliflower is coated with the crunchy breadcrumbs and smothered in hot sauce. The level of spice is just right for me, and they’re also delicious dipped in cooling vegan mayo. The portion size is very generous, making these a great value for money meal if you do want to add fries.

cauliflower balls in a red breadcrumbed coating, top of a cardboard pot full to the very top with yellow pasta and topped with brown crispy onions, white takeaway pot with chips coated in cheese sauce, green jalapenos and pink pickled onions.

Speaking of fries, I’ve had both the regular and cajun fries from V Stack in the past, both of which are really well seasoned and generally some of the best fries around. Since they added loaded fries to the menu though, I can’t go back. The fries are smothered in V Stack’s signature creamy cheese sauce, topped with tangy pickles and jalapeños. The dish features just the right amount of toppings, giving you the most ultimate of flavour combinations in every mouthful. I’m more of a savoury person than sweet, and I know they’re ‘just chips’ but if I could only eat one takeaway dish for the rest of my life, this might be it!

The last side dish on the menu is a pot of mac ‘n’ cheeze. Every time we order we go back and forth about whether to buy it, because frankly the burger, wings and fries are all incredibly filling, and how much food do two people need, but we always end up adding it to the basket. It’s just too tasty to leave off the order. Gone are the days where vegans have to miss out on classic comfort food dishes like this. V Stack have nailed the oozing cheese sauce, and give you the ideal ratio of sauce to pasta. The overflowing pot is topped off with flecks of chives, and crispy onions for a satisfying crunch. I defy you not to finish the whole tub while it’s still warm, even if you are fit to burst by the end of the meal.

I’m sure I know the answer, but have you tried V Stack yet? If not, don’t forget to pre-order your meal by 5pm on Fridays via their website to avoid disappointment and regret come Saturday!

Author: Heather Grace

Eating my way through all the vegan food, one restaurant at a time.

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