Best vegan food in Oxford for students

After taking an unexpectedly long summer break, I thought it was time to update Vegan Eats Oxford. Firstly, welcome to Oxford if you’re new here, or welcome back if you’re not! I thought I’d take you all on a little tour of Oxford, so whichever part of the city you’re living in, you can see my top tips for finding great vegan food when out and about. Read on, and let me know if I’ve missed any of your personal favourites…

Green Routes, Cowley

I have been a regular visitor at this plant-based East Oxford café since it opened. Every dish I’ve eaten there has been absolutely delicious, and they get bonus points for reasonable prices and decent portion sizes (things that sadly can’t always be taken for granted when it comes to brunch!). Recommended dish would be the Royale. Or the Foragers Toast. Or the Biscoff Banoffee pancakes. Or preferably all three!

Mamma Mia, Jericho/Summertown

Mamma Mia is great for dietary requirements, with the best vegan cheese-topped pizzas I’ve tried, and a gluten-free pizza base available too. Filling meal for a tenner? What’s not to love! Even better if you manage to save some to take home for leftovers, but I’m not usually that disciplined.

Bhoomi Kitchen, Headington

This is such a lovely spot for a date night, it feels really classy and upmarket and the service is excellent, but if you get your order in before 6:45pm you can order a filling vegan Thali and try quite a few different dishes for less than £15. With such beautiful South Indian flavours in every bite, it felt like a bargain when I enjoyed it!

The Coconut Tree, St Clements

The Coconut Tree is a firm favourite, and when people message me on Instagram asking what one place I’d recommend for dinner, this is usually my response. Their Sri Lankan small plates are absolutely packed with the most incredible flavours, and they are so reasonably priced that you can give quite a few of them a go in one sitting (if you’ve got room). Plus, The Coconut Tree does fab cocktails.

Happy Friday Kitchen, Cowley

If vegan comfort food is your bag, Happy Friday Kitchen is the place to go. With their staple being epic burgers, fully-loaded pizzas and the most decadent of sides, they continue to prove you really don’t need to miss out as a vegan. They’ve got a new brunch menu launching too (as of October 2021) so what more excuse is needed to go and make the most of their 20% student discount?

Plants and Grills, Oxford city centre

I often struggle to think of decent places to go for lunch when in town, but I think I may have just found a great new spot! Plants and Grills opened recently in Westgate Street Food Social. The vegan options are very much front and centre of their menu (designed with flexitarians in mind) and they have some affordable and tasty dishes on offer. I think it would be a good option if you’re looking for a speedy meal in between lectures, or on a quick walk into town on a lunch break.

Best vegan takeaway/home delivery service – V Stack

The ultimate vegan junk food, V Stack will always have a special place in my heart. It’s the one place I’ve kept the loyalty card from, because I actually have a very good chance of collecting enough stamps to earn that free meal. Somehow I always end up ordering way too much and feeling fit to burst, but I’ll never regret it. The Jammer Stack burger and loaded fries is my absolute go-to. They deliver around Oxford on Saturdays, accepting pre-orders until 5pm Friday (set yourself an alarm to save the agony of missing out).

Best vegan streetfood – Lula’s Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine

Full disclosure, I support Lula with the marketing for her business, but I LOVE her food and have done since long before joining the team. She serves so many delicious and authentic Ethiopian dishes, which happen to be plant-based, at her street food stand at Gloucester Green and Common Ground Workspace. Excitingly, she’s also just opening up a permanent location on Park End Street too. The food is so beautifully spiced, warming, filling… it’s like a hug on a plate!

Best national chain – Pho

I can’t go without mentioning Pho. I know they exist all around the country but sometimes when you’re on a budget, a chain restaurant is best. The food at Pho is freshly cooked to order and will literally never let you down if you’re looking for a tasty, filling meal at an affordable price. Being located on the Westgate rooftop terrace makes this a convenient restaurant to visit whether you’re showing family the city during a day trip, or planning a night out after dinner.

If you’ve been a resident in Oxford for some time, I’d love to know, do you agree with my top tips for vegan food in the city?! Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

Author: Heather Grace

Eating my way through all the vegan food, one restaurant at a time.

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