Vegan Review: The Rickety Press Fish & Chip Shop


You guys will know that I’m a big fan of Dodo Pubs, and the food at The Rickety Press. They nailed it with their special Veganuary burger this year and they’ve been doing great things with the vegan options on their menu ever since. They clearly appreciate the value of having quality vegan food available and I was excited to see that they’ve carried this through to their new Fish & Chips night, running every last Friday of the month.

We were super happy to be invited down to try their tofush ‘n chips, particularly as a vegan version of this British classic is now in short supply around Oxford since Salt n Sauce shut down. There are no frills to the menu, it’s kept simple with a handful of traditional sides and sauces. The curry sauce was labelled vegan on the menu but I was told unfortunately this was a typo. Instead though, I decided to get some smashed peas with my tofush.

img_9882The batter on the tofush was crispy, with the nori giving that fishy flavour, and it wasn’t too overpowering (I’m not a big fan of the seaweed in many dishes). The tofu didn’t have the texture that some of the mock ‘fish’ has, but I really enjoyed it. The tofush was served on a generous bed of fries rather than chip shop chips, which were nice and crispy, and amply salted. The smashed peas were altogether a nicer affair than the mush out of a can that I know is more traditional. The peas had been prepared so they actually retained their texture, and were minty and refreshing – a perfect accompaniment to the fried food.

img_9880The ‘fish and chips’ box was £10 which I think is pretty reasonable for the quality, and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. And as a stroke of genius, they are offering a box of tofush & chips plus a beer to takeaway for £11. Thank goodness we don’t live nearby otherwise I’m pretty sure we’d succumb to this every time the Fish & Chip night was on.

We’d love to know if you end up visiting their Fish n Chip shop 😊and if you have any recommendations for vegan fish and chips recipes that we can recreate at home, please do share!

We dined as guests of The Rickety Press, this is an honest account of the food and experience.

Author: Heather Grace

Eating my way through all the vegan food, one restaurant at a time.

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