Vegan Review: Fernando’s Burgers

Fernando's burger in a box, cassava fries and can of Guarana Antartica drinkThere’s a new vegan burger in town! Two, in fact. Fernando’s Burgers, an offshoot of Fernando’s Cafe (found at the bottom of Carfax Tower in town), are currently available via Deliveroo, and got in touch with me seeking feedback on their new vegan offering.

My first impression of their menu was good – everything vegan is clearly labelled, and they’ve catered for different tastes with their offering. They sent me one of their Thai-style burgers, and one ‘Fernando’s 100% vegan burger’. The Thai-style burger has a hint of chilli heat, and mild aromatic flavours from lemongrass and coriander. It took me a good few bites before I realised it was a bean burger, because I’m typically not such a fan, but this one felt really good quality. IMG_9582The patty is coated in brilliantly crispy fried breadcrumbs, which makes for a satisfying eating experience, particularly when I compare it to the usual soggy bean burgers I’ve tried in the past. If you’re not keen on the ‘meatiness’ of a lot of the burgers on the takeaway market at the moment, I’d recommend giving this one a go.

Their 100% vegan burger, on the other hand is of the mock meat variety – and I’ve eaten quite a few of these recently, as you can probably tell from my Instagram. You might think I’m getting a bit bored of them (or you might even be yourself), but stick with me, because this burger was delicious. IMG_9590The patty was very realistic with its meaty texture and flavour, and was nicely cooked. It’s the same patty used at quite a few places locally, but I think with both of these burgers, it was the toppings that made them special. It definitely felt like a decadent treat. There’s sweet caramelised onions, crisp salad and homemade slaw, tangy pickled onions and gherkin. They’ve also managed to find an excellent melty vegan cheese to top the patties with. The soft toasted bun didn’t go soggy, despite all the fillings and sauces. The burger was certainly fully loaded, and for me everything balanced out well. It was just the treat I needed after a long day at work when I just couldn’t face cooking.

With it being so easy to get hold of a vegan burger these days, the sides become even more important. Are you going to order a burger from somewhere that does limp, soggy chips, or somewhere that has something better to offer? The chips from Fernando’s were so good. They had the crispiest outside, and super fluffy middle. IMG_9580They were very salty – I’m one who’ll happily add extra salt to my chips, but these didn’t need it. They were also nicely seasoned with a sprinkling of herbs. Just the perfect side for me. Fernando’s also sent me some of their cassava fries, and I think it’s great that you can choose something a bit different to go with your burger too. They were again crispy on the outside, and had a satisfying texture as comfort food goes. The root vegetable has a mild, nutty flavour, and Jamie said he’d order these over fries next time! I washed everything down with a can of Guarana Antartica, which I’d never tried before. I typically don’t drink sugary fizzy drinks but I thought I’d have a sip and ended up drinking the whole thing, it was very refreshing. If I saw it on a menu again and fancied something sweet, I might treat myself.

They’ve even remembered that vegans like dessert, with a soya-based vanilla ice cream on the menu. It was creamy and delicious, and a great end to the meal. The burgers are £10.75, with sides costing extra, so it’s not the cheapest takeaway you’ll order, but I felt the food was better quality than other ‘fast food’ places. It really did satisfy my junk food craving in the best way, and it’s great to see a local small business giving bigger burger chains a run for their money. Have you ordered from Fernando’s Burgers? What did you think?

This was a complimentary meal from Fernando’s Burgers; all thoughts expressed in the review are my honest opinion of the experience.

Author: Heather Grace

Eating my way through all the vegan food, one restaurant at a time.

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