Vegan review: Bannister’s Cafe

This is going to be a short and sweet review but I just had to share my visit to Bannister’s Cafe. This little spot on Iffley Road is open for brunch on the weekends, from 10am-2pm (when there isn’t a lockdown). They had been running a takeaway service during the lockdown but they’ve since decided to close it, so you’ll have to wait until they reopen to enjoy a delicious vegan breakfast!

Plate with toast standing upright in centre. on the left, ball of fried mashed potato. On the right, a small glass dish with baked beans in topped with chives; one roasted vine tomato, one sausage visible and pile of smashed avocado on spinach leaves.

The first thing to say about the place was that the staff were so welcoming, you couldn’t really ask for better service. The man serving us gave just the right level of attentiveness, making sure we had the drinks that we needed, and was super friendly and smiley, which you could tell even through the face mask. We didn’t actually realise they shut at 2pm, and they let me and my friend chat away past closing time, before eventually very politely suggesting they needed to close up. Even I wanted somewhere to stop by for a cup of tea (or a big mug of it, as it is here) while out for a walk, I would choose this place over others for that reason.

Considering the whole menu is relatively small, I was impressed to see a handful of vegan options. I was very torn between the vegan breakfast and the pancakes, in the end leaning towards the savoury option, but promising I’d be back very soon to try those pancakes. The breakfast was a big hearty plate, with a thick wedge of toast balanced in the middle. All of the food was nicely seasoned, and the plentiful vegan sausages, bubble and squeak, avocado and baked beans kept me full until quite late in the evening. The flavours altogether were delicious, and this warming plate of comfort food made the half an hour walk in the rain totally worth it.

Along with the great service, the cafe just had a really nice atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a catch-up with a friend, or maybe treating yourself to a late breakfast with housemates after a Friday night out. If you’re East Oxford based, what a treat to have this cafe on your doorstep. I can’t wait until it reopens after lockdown and I can let you know the verdict on those pancakes!

Author: Heather Grace

Eating my way through all the vegan food, one restaurant at a time.

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